36 Days.

This is the fourth high volume week in a row for me. Since April 12th Ive logged weeks of 20.5, 16, 19, and I'm on pace for another 20 after this week. The continual soreness I have has come down some and Im almost ready to taper down for Eagleman 70.3. The mix of intensity and steady distance training has been rough, but I can see it making me stronger and faster.
I still have some residual soreness from running in the Vibrams 2 days ago, but I can't exactly pinpoint if its from the running I did in them or the 5+ hour training day I put in yesterday. My run this morning started out quite slow and I actually didn't feel particularly good until about 2o minutes in, but since I was only runnning a short easy run today I don't paricularly care. Tommorrows 10k will be the true test, at this point however I'm not so sure about running the 10k in the Vibrams, as I know I will be running much faster than I did on Wed. and I havent tested them at that speed yet. Maybe I will wait for a 5k and test them out there.
With 5 weeks left before Eagleman and a hard but good regimen going I am feeling tired, but thankful that I only have 3 more big weeks before the taper starts for the big day. My swimming has really improved and I have now brought my running back to where it was before I was injured last year. I'm pushing the bike this month because I missed out on riding last year and never really got used to my new bike before racing on it. I'm getting much more comfortable on the smaller frame and when I get the bike up to speed the handling is simply amazing. Hopefully the early season biking will pay off!