Another 20 hour week

After racing a few weeks in a row I decided to take it easy until my first A race of the year. I was getting great race prep and speed workouts by doing the local running races, however it was making me extremely tired with the amount of training Ive been logging lately. 20 Hours is a pretty significant number, and when you hit that number a few weeks in a row you start to feel it! The last 5 weeks have been 20, 16, 19, 19, and im now on pace for another 20+ week. After looking at my caloric intake for the past few days I realize Im not tired because I'm training so much, I'm tired because I can't manage to put down enough calories! After yesterdays workouts and meals I was still in a 2200 calorie deficiet, and thats after me feeling that I was stuffing myself.

Not suprisingly my run this morning started off at a slow suffering pace, but it was supposed to be an increasing pace workout, so by then end I was hauling, and actually feeling good. Suprisingly I felt good and felt that I actually nailed it, even though I started off pretty slow. From here on out I need to pay special attention to the caloric intake since I only have about 24 days left and my recovery from these next few weeks is essential.

On another note I ran my longest in my Vibrams on Tuesday which was 7.2 miles including track work. I have hit speeds on the track in the Five Fingers that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. I am loving them and I would race in them if they werent so hard to put on. Trying to put them on in transition will be tough especially when I am trying to save as much time as possible. I really do like the feel of the minimalist shoe, and I am looking for something similar to race my Triathlons in. I'm still contemplating running Ironman Wisconsin in them, because the transition as part of the day will be less significant than it will in shorter races.