My First Attempt at Barefoot Running

After I finished reading "Born to Run" a few weeks ago I was inspired to sign up for my first ultra marathon and intrigued by the possibility that barefoot running might be a healthier choice and could possibly even improve my running. I decided to do some further research on my own and after reading a few articles, studies and blogs I decided to grab a pair of the Vibram Five Fingers and give them a try. For the last 3 weeks I have been wearing them everywhere, including walking around, hiking, and to the gym.
Most articles I have read stated to break them in slowly so I started with a short 2 mile run. The first downhill was tough on my feet as I was not used to running in the Vibrams just yet however after a few more strides on the flats I felt much more fluid. I looked down at my pace as I felt I was running slow, but I was quite surprised to see I had been right on my target pace. I normally run directly after my spin class for a few miles just to get the feeling of running off the bike and to add a little bit of extra run mileage to my week so I am used to it. The previous weeks run left me feeling tired and sluggish, however this weeks run left me feeling energized. The two days workout wise were identical, the spin class was slightly different but I still rode for 3 hours before on both days so the only real difference was the footwear.
Although it was a short run, I can see how I will enjoy running more in the future in them. I will probably give one more run in them on Friday and decide if I want to run this weekends 10k in them. 2 Miles is a far cry from the 50 I plan on running in them in October, but I have plenty of time to break them in for that.