Ridgefield Sprint Triathlon Race Report

After the first week of my two week taper before Eagleman 70.3 I was feeling ok, but not great. Yesterdays race was a tune-up of sorts for me to make sure everything was clicking before this weekend, and it sure delivered what I was asking for.

Swim .5 mi (.5 GPS measured)

I knew coming into the race I was already at a disadvantage looking at the swim times from last year. There were some people in the first wave that were capable of swimming close to 10 minutes, and I was hoping for a 12 at best. And 2 minutes in these short races is extremely hard to make up. I've been swimming hard all year and I have really picked up my top end speed, now I just need to get the endurance to hold it. As the gun went off I headed out with the front pack as long as I could figuring I could at least get a good draft and gain a good 30 seconds to a minute and then drop off when I couldn't hold the pace any longer. It turns out I was able to hold the pace and a little of a draft until the first turn. I backed off a bit and then settled into a semi comfortable (for a sprint) pace for me. And was able to pick up some of the other stragglers dropped from the group to still get a decent draft all the way home. I get out of the water and I hear them tell me "you are 2:30 down" a little more than I had hoped, but enough to make me work harder on the endurance portion of my swimming!

Swim Time:12:41 23/365 1:26/100 yds

Bike: 14 miles (12.26 GPS measured)

After a short run from the lake to the transition area off was the wetsuit on on were the shoes and socks. I got a little slack in the morning for wearing socks in a sprint, and I guess with good reason, looks like they cost me about 20 seconds in transition. But a 1:51 T1 with a run included I'll take. As I clipped in and headed out on the bike I passed 2 people that might or might not have passed me in transition all I know is that we all pretty much got on the bike at the same time. I had no idea how many more people were out in front of me but I knew I had to ride a lot harder then they were if I was going to catch them. The course started off uphill with a few continuous rollers and as hill are not my strength I wanted to make sure nobody was going to pass me for the rest of the day. I knew at one point there was a sharp hairpin turn on the course but other than that it was pretty much a safe course to go all out on. As I started out I could see two more racers in the distance so I set my sights on catching them, the first half of the course was hilly and twisty so I could see them for awhile and then I would lose sight. There were lots of people out cheering and I felt the urge to ask how many were ahead of me but I just kept riding hoping there weren't that many. It seemed to be a lonely course as I didn't really see anyone coming up behind me and there was hardly anyone in front of me. After the hairpin on ridgebury I put it into high gear and focused on picking off the two riders I had been chasing since the swim. Finally got one and I could see the other one in my sights. Coming in to the last mile I could see but since it was a downhill and there were now other riders coming up the other way I decided to back off and spin out till we hit transition because I was determined to catch him on the run. For the first time since the beginning of the swim I saw the leaders out of the water on their way up the hill, I figured they were out of reach but I still was going to try and catch them! While I need to work on my swim endurance, I also think I need to work a bit on my top end speed on the bike in the coming weeks.

33:26 13/365 22.1mph(according to my garmin)

Run 3.1 (3 mi GPS measured)

After a quick :35 transition I headed out of T2 like a bat out of hell. I got some good cheers from the crowd, and I realized I should probably take it back a notch since I have to run 2 miles uphill. I immediately caught the guy who I had been trailing on the bike at the bottom of the hill and proceeded ahead. I could see two more racers ahead in the distance I was confident in my ability to catch them if I held a steady pace, eventually they one of them caught the other one, and they were both side by side, a few seconds later I was right on their tail and I got to pass both of them at the same time! Major confidence boost as one of them was a local guy I know, who I never seem to catch. As the hill got steeper it was time for us to turn left, I had run the first part of the course as a training run but I missed the left turn so I had no idea what was in store. As soon as I made the left I could see it was going to be another tough climb and was hoping I could hang in. Halfway up the climb I started to get a huge side stitch and I was hoping it wouldn't slow me down too much. I looked back and could still see the two guys I had passed so I just kept pressing on. Finally at the top I pushed through the stitch and kept going. I got a few comments on my shoes, which kept me going, the kids seemed to love the bright obnoxious colors. I knew I had about a mile to go and most of it was down the hill I just ran up. Pushed all the way through to the line without getting passed or even seeing anyone else for my highest finish ever. 4th Overall Male!!!

18:56/ 6:24mi
Mile 1: 6:21
Mile2: 6:39
Mile 3: 5:55

Overall 1:07:26

On to the big test next weekend!