2012 Mileage Totals!

2012 Goals Vs Actual

Swim- 200,000 yards (mix of pool/Vasa Trainer) Completed 215,271

Bike- 4,000 Miles- Completed 5,758 miles

Run- 1,000 Miles- Completed 1,198 miles

Weights- 25 hours- Completed 15.5 Hours

I backed off on the weights even more than I expected to this year and the it has helped me drop unnecessary weight and worked on becoming more efficient.  It seemed to have worked as I set personal bests across all distances in both running and triathlon events.  I'm going to revise my goals slightly for 2013 and see where that takes me!

Happy and healthy new year to All~

2013 Goals:

Swim: 250,000 yds

Bike:  4,500 Mi

Run: 1,500 mi

Strength- 20 hours

2012 logged workouts;

Swim  215,271Yards

Bike- 5,758 miles

Run-  1,998 miles

Weights- 15.5 Hours

2011 logged workouts

Swim 129,506 yards

Bike 3544.03 miles

Run 601.76 miles

Weights  71.13 hours

 2010 Logged workouts

Swim-200,637 yards

Bike-3090.93 miles

Run-982.39 miles-

Weights 27.45 hours