2012 Volume Totals- So Far

2012 Training Goals- From my early January Post

Swim-200,000 yds

Bike-4,000 Miles

Run- 1,000 Miles

Strength-25 hours

As of June 30th-

Swim- 107,221 yards,  13.16% of training time

Bike- 2891.35 Miles, 61.68% of training time

Run-481.37 miles, 23.3% of Training time

Strength/Vasa Trainer  1.86% Training Time

With my biggest volume weeks still ahead of me I am definitely on track to hit my goals, even with a few injuries in the mix.  I hope to be able to keep my consistency which will be harder now as I have picked up some new hours at work that force every workout to essentially be some sort of brick!  The strength training will pick up for sure once the winter cold front sets in, for now its taking a back seat while I race, to allow for enough recovery time.