Another Race, Another PR!

This past weekend I ran the 3rd race of the local running series that I have run for the last 6 years or so.  When I first started running I decided that if I wanted to learn how to run in triathlon I needed to learn how to run with the runners so I found this series which is arguably the most competitive series in my home county.  This year has been a record field and while I have gotten faster almost every year for the last few years, I have been slowly dropping down in the standings as the series has become more popular and more and more runners are starting to frequent it.

I never race these to win, but I race them rather to race myself and prove I am more fit than the year before.  This year got off to a murky start with me breaking my toe on the 1st of the year, but I still managed to eek out a course PR for the 1st race in the series which was a 10k.Then 2 weeks ago at the next racer I once again had another PR this time for the 15k distance.  So when I ran the first 15k of the 20k faster than I ran I knew if I just held on I was on pace for another PR.

Sweatvac keeps my ears nice and toasty!

I finished the race in 1:22:51 which put me 44th Overall and in 22nd place overall for the series going into the final 25k  race on March 4th.   My previous time has been 1:25:33 leaving me a PR of almost 2:22.

Garmin Details

I am going into the final race of the series aiming for another PR and hoping to advance my place in the overall standings.      I hope that my improved running translates into better run splits at the tris this summer!