Mid Year Training/Road to London Update:

I've been a bit quiet lately as July was a very busy month.  After racing almost every weekend in June, I had 3 races in 2 weeks to put on which really killed my energy as well as my training.  That being said as you can see below I am well on my way to hitting my mileage goals in all 3 sports!   With London only 42 days away and my most intense training block underway the mileage will decrease a bit for the July and August as I take advantage of the massive base that I built myself this year with early season training but I should not have a problem meeting them.  


This year I have also hit some other milestones including my first overall triathlon win, and my first Olympic distance under 2:05 a few weeks ago at the NJ state Triathlon which will be my next post.  I'm still searching for that sub 2:00 performance, and I might be able to get it if I have a perfect day in London.  I'm excited that I'm a little over a week away from Nationals and seeing how I stack up against the best in the country this year.  Last year I finished 178/1989 in the Olympic and 60/1026 in the Sprint, this year I am aiming to be in the top 100 for the Olympic and in the Top 50 for the Sprint.  

2013 Goals:

Swim: 250,000 yds

Bike:  4,500 Mi

Run: 1,500 mi

2013 Completed of 6.30.13

Swim:  161,300

Bike: 3,582

Run: 1,026