The Power of Social Media

  Last week I was caught in a bind when the bike box I had reserved had found it's way out of the bike shop that I reserved it at, less than 24 hours before my flight to Milwaukee.  As you can imagine that is not the thing you wan't to hear when you are getting ready to leave for a national championship event.   In a sheer panic I posted to Facebook out of desperation asking if anyone had a box I could rent for the week.  I figured it was an outside shot that I was willing to take at that point.  

To my surprise I had multiple offers within minutes. Within the hour I went from freaking out that I wouldn't be getting my bike on the plane to having to choose what kind of bike box I would be able to use and how far I had to go from home to pick the box up. I am grateful that there were so many people willing to step up and help when I really was desperate.   It definitely helps to have a network of good people to rely on when things go awry, so thank you for being a part of mine!