Product Review: EnduroPacks

What is Enduropacks?

Created by professional athletes, tested on the field!

  • Each pack includes a 30-day supply of liquid multivitamin, glutamine tablets, amino acid patches, and concentrated electrolyte spray.
  • All of our products are GLUTEN-FREE, U.S.-MADE, contain NO GMO, only use ORGANIC ingredients, and are 100% vegetarian.
  • You'll also receive personalized samples, discounts, and exclusive offers.
  • Your subscription does not automatically renew

When I was initially contacted by Enduropacks I was pretty skeptical.  I really wasn't sure if it was going to be anything other than a placebo for most people. They claimed to have everything an endurance athlete needed for one low monthly subscription fee delivered to your door every 30 days.  Although I was initially contacted back in August I wanted to wait until I got back from London and had some time off before reviewing so I started my review process when I started my 2014 training campaign on 9/30.  I've now used the pack for 29 of the last 30 days and I was pleasantly surprised with my findings.  


The first part of the pack is the liquid multivitamin.  Initially I absolutely hated the taste of it but you are only taking 1 tablespoon per day so it wasn't terrible.  After a few days I did notice in the fine print on the bottle that it says to refrigerate to preserve the flavor, refrigerated the taste is much more tolerable and almost enjoyable!  The one thing I noticed is that even though tomorrow is my last day on the pack, I still have above 1/4 of the bottle left.  Clearly I don't know how to measure out a tablespoon!  One thing that can be improved here is the addition of a portion spoon so that you get the correct amount everyday.  I have already expressed this to Enduropacks and it is something that I think they might be implementing in the near future. 


*Liquid form is easily digestible and good for those that can't swallow pills


*Medicinal taste when warm

*Can easily mis-measure dosage

*Hard to travel with



The second part of the pack is an electrolyte spray. The concentrated electrolyte spray is something I used the least throughout my trial.  It has a light lemon lime taste to it with 0 calories.  The fact has no calories makes it a great option for workouts under 90 minutes where you really don't need any calories anyway but once you go in to longer workouts the benefits diminish.  One bottle is supposed to net you 60 8oz drinks which is more than enough for a month. I have used the spray for several indoor trainer workouts with success.  At the end of my trial period I have roughly 90% of the bottle left! 


*Good for providing electrolytes  for short workouts

*Nice light taste

*can be used to re-hydrate after longer workouts without worrying about ingesting extra calories from sports drinks

* Can be easily taken and traveled with on airlines


* You need to supplement with additional calorie sources for longer workouts or races. 

* As of now only comes in lemon-lime flavor

Electrolyte Spray

Electrolyte Spray

The third part of the pack is an amino acid patch.  The amino acid patch was a definitely an interesting concept.   While there is some research out there promoting the benefits of amino acid supplementation there is just as much against it.  Either way its part of the system and as far as I am concerned it works.  At first I thought it was a bit strange to be a sticking a patch on but after awhile I got used to it.  The little 1x1 patches are supposed to go on clean dry skin on either your forearm, back or stomach.  To keep things easy I opted to just stick them on my forearms alternating days post workout. Since most of my workouts are in the afternoon I would just pop one on after my shower and take it off the next morning to get the recommended 4-8 hours of having it on.  One thing I did notice is when I would have my patch on during the weekend I got quite a few comments asking me if I hurt myself or what was on my arm.  That could definitely be avoided by wearing the patch on the stomach or back when going out in public.  


*Small squares come in perforated packs so you can easily take one or more at a time if there is a need for travel without taking the whole pack. 

*Simply apply patch and leave on for 4-8 hours post workout and your done. 

*Can be hidden by placing under shirt on stomach or back

*Can comfortably be worn to bed


*Some may feel awkward placing a patch on their skin

*Those that wear the patch on forrms might get questioned 

*Patch leaves a sticky residue when removed

Amino Acid Patch

Amino Acid Patch

The final part of the program is a glutamine complex.   You are instructed to take 2 pills a day before you go to bed. While this is certainly an easy thing to do I came very close to forgetting the first two nights I was testing before I got in to my routine.  I asked the crew at Enduropacks if I could just simply take them along with putting my patch on and they said as long as its post workout it doesn't matter.  After that conversation I simply took the pills anytime I put a patch on and I was good to go.


*2 small pills a day before bed, can be taken with a meal

*Can be taken in conjunction with putting on the patch with no effects on performance


*Easily forgettable after the rest of the routine.

Glutamine Complex

Glutamine Complex



*Delivered to your door on a monthly basis with no guesswork

*Research backed and provided on website with plenty of client testimonials

*The longer you subscribe, the more cost effective it is.

*Samples of new products delivered with your pack on a monthly basis

*Company stands by its product and is very forthcoming with any information and generally very helpful with any questions you may have on the product.   


*Can be pricey if on a month to month program

 *There will likely be a lot of electrolyte spray left over at the end of each month. (which can also be noted as a Pro)

Results by the numbers: 

I came away from this trial thoroughly impressed with my findings.  After the first few days I could start to feel a significantly reduced soreness and by the 7th day on the pack I had virtually no soreness whatsoever while increasing the intensity of my workouts.  Additionally over the course of the trial period I have dropped 5 lbs, with significantly reduced cravings!

Average Run Pace By Week: 

Week 1: 7:11/mi (40.55 Mi)

Week 2:  7:08/mi (47.52 mi)

Week 3: 7:09/mi (49.81 mi)

Week 4: 6:49/mi (57.88 mi)

In addition I raced 3 times over the course of October and I ended up on the overall podium 3 times.  One win, one 2nd place, one 3rd place.  While this is more of a reflection of my conditioning over the last years I can say Enduropacks contributed by allowing me to train the way I wanted to over the last month.  The biggest test was when I did a half marathon in the morning and a 5k in the afternoon and I was able to still get out and train the next day!  

Conclusion:  Enduropacks is not a "magic bullet" that is going to make you PR at every workout or race but a blue collar supplement that will allow you to get out there day after day and chip away at those fitness gains.  After my trial I am completely impressed and without a doubt will be continuing to subscribe to see what impact the addition of Enduropacks can have on my 2014 athletic goals!

With a 30 day money back guarantee and no recurring fees you have nothing to lose, give it a shot by clicking here: your body will thank you! 

Disclaimer:  I was given a month supply of Enduropacks in exchange for an unbiased review. 


If you would like to try the product for yourself click here for a discount