Product Review: Myothon

*Disclaimer: I was given the first bottle of Myothon for in exchange for an unbiased review

About 3 months ago Myothon contacted me about trying and reviewing their product as they were a new company wanting to get their word out about what they can do.  At first I was a little skeptical because I've used BCAA's in the past when I was in to power lifting without any significant gains, and I really wasn't sure how they were going to help with endurance training.  I have read in many nutrition books that their benefit is questionable but they are not against WADA or USADA rules so I was open to trying them as they are just the building blocks of protein.

From Their Website:


Why Myothon™

There are those that work out, and those that train.  Those that train are held to a higher standard, the standard of competition.  Unlike weekend warriors, everything you put into your body counts when winning is on the line.

You know that the battle could be won weeks before you ever set foot on the field.  Every training session, every meal, and every night of sleep can become a competitive advantage.  If you aren’t maximizing something, your competition is.

That’s why we created Myothon™.  Used by top athletes for over a decade, Myothon™’s proven formula allows you to train harder, recover better and perform better.

How Myothon™ Works

Train harder:  Taking Myothon™ has been proven to improve athlete’s endurance.  Studies have shown an increase in time to fatigue and an improved ability to clear lactic acid by 1500%.  When pushing the lactic acid threshold, Myothon™ helps you push yourself to the maximum.

Recent research has suggested that many athletes are suffering from overtraining.  Without providing the proper nutrition, hard training can strain the body’s resources. When this happens, training harder can actually make you weaker.  Myothon™ provides the nutrients to enable you to work harder and more often without fear of overtraining.

Figure 1

Recover faster:  The Myothon™ formula has been proven to enter the bloodstream in as little as 20 minutes. And with a 99% Amino Acid Uptake (AAU) rate, more will actually be used by your body for protein biosynthesis than any other protein or amino acid supplement.

The Myothon™ formula was specifically designed to maximize AAU. Many other ‘complete’ protein sources can boast impressive numbers on the label, but research has proven that little of this actually makes it through to your body, Figure 1. The rest is converted into carbohydrates and nitrogen waste.  Myothon™ is almost 6x more efficient at providing amino acids for protein biosynthesis than whey or casein.

Perform better:  Myothon™ takes your training to the next level. It provides your body with the building blocks it needs to recover.  In addition to the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) required for muscle repair, it includes the remaining five essential amino acids for everything from mental recovery to sleep quality to fat metabolism.

Somewhere out there your competition is training.  With Myothon™, you can train harder, recover more fully and get out there to train again.  Gain your competitive advantage with Myothon™.

What is Myothon™

Those that train need the best quality ingredients to perform the best.  That’s why we source our amino acids from the highest quality manufacturers in the world.  We use the same ingredients that are used in medical grade IV solutions for post operative recovery.

No binding agents, no caffeine, and no sugar added.  Myothon™ won’t keep you up after a late night workout or throw off a diet with low grade calories.  In fact, as pure amino acids there are virtually no calories per serving.  The tablets occupy little space and require no sloppy mixing so you can take it anywhere; at the gym, on a run, or on the way back home.  No shakers or blenders required, and no weird tastes or clumpy mixtures.


Since I was in my heaviest period of training for London I decided to give it a try.  On their bottle they suggest using 5 pills before or after a workout or both.  Since I really didn't see the need to take them before I started off my trial by taking them after.  Initially I didn't notice a difference but after the first week I noticed less soreness in some of the same workouts that I had been completing the week before.  I started to feel like my recovery was speeding up.  About halfway through my bottle I started to have some absolutely great workouts, now I can't say for sure if Myothon had anything to do with that, but it certainly did not hurt me. 

As I came to the end of my first bottle I was starting to hit workouts at the highest level I had all year.  I decided to order a new bottle on my own dime and keep the streak going.  On my second bottle I tested taking 5 before workouts, and even 5 before and after on my toughest days.  I noticed it was fairly easy for me to bounce back from a rough session of 5x5 minutes on the bike followed by hill repeats to run at an acceptable pace for 90 minutes the next day.   I liked what I was seeing so much I decided that I would hold off on my review as I would keep using the product up until my last race of the year in London, which meant I would need to purchase a 3rd bottle! 

In my final build to London I continued to use Myothon, mostly after my workouts to help with recovery.  In the 3 months that I used it I had exactly 1 bad workout,  which came after one of my biggest training weeks of the year.  The way I push my body sometimes I expect to fail every now and again, and I had pushed myself to the limit forcing my body to tell me to call it a day.   I don't think that can be attributed to Myothon as I will have a few of those days a year regardless. After tapering down I ended up having my best race of the year putting out my highest power on the bike and running my fastest paces.  

Final Verdict:  I can't say for sure that Myothon helped me recover or improve for the 3 months that I was on it, but after the first month I wasn't going to stop taking it to find out. From what I could tell it helped my recovery, but I did not see any gains in endurance like the website claims.  Is it worth it?  Honestly I'm not sure. For someone spending a lot of time training it might be. Speeding recovery only helps being able to get out there and train harder, which makes you faster.  However there doesn't seem to be anything in Myothon that you can't get by eating a balanced diet.  If you are under a heavy training load it will probably help, but if you are a recreational athlete I would save your money.  Since I finished my last bottle after my last race of the year I am going to wait and see before deciding to continue using it, or to continue on without it. If you are interested in trying it for yourself you can shoot me a message on the contact page and I will give you a link with a discount code. With their 100% money back guarantee, there is no reason not to give it a shot.