Product Review: 2Degrees Energy Bars

I was recently sent a sample pack of bars from 2 degrees food to review and I am very glad I was.  Prior to them asking me to review I had never heard of the company or their amazing mission. Basically for every bar that you buy, they feed a hungry child.  That is enough of a reason to buy the bar in itself, but these treats are also NonGMO, Kosher, and Gluten free in addition to having 2 flavors that are Vegan.   You can read all about the company mission here

I tested all 4 flavors out last week prior to my workouts and was pleasantly surprised by my findings.  My first test was before a 50 mile bike ride, I rode a route that I had ridden a few days earlier and felt surprisingly stronger, I completed a hill climb that took me 28 minutes a few days prior close to 90 seconds faster with increased power.  Now some of this can have to do with wind patterns, etc.  but I will say I did feel stronger than I did when I had a different bar pre workout.  

Not expecting a repeat I tried a bar before a swim/run workout the next day and I had similar findings, not super strength energy burst but a consistent stream of energy for about an hour throughout the workout.  I noticed the same thing over the next few days while testing, the bars would provide me with about an hours worth of energy before my stomach came back and was asking for more.  I never felt sluggish, but my stomach was clearly asking for more fuel.  

Lets get in to the basics:

Flavors: My personal preference was Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Peanut, Apple Pecan, and Cherry Almond.  I'm not a big fan of anything cherry so that doesn't come as a surprise to me. The fact that they use only all natural ingredients makes the bars satisfying and doesn't have you looking around for more after you finish one. 

Texture: I'm not sure if its the millet or quinoa but these bars have a rice crispie like texture that makes them take a little longer to eat, but also might make them fun to eat for kids. 

Energy: Used pre workout they provided me with about an hours worth of consistent energy without any highs or lows. At under 200 calories per bar that doesn't surprise me.  However because they take a little more concentration to chew it might be tough to take them on a run, but eating them during a bike ride is very doable.  

More information on these bars can be found here where you can also purchase online or find at a local retailer.  Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about my experience, I would be happy to discuss more in depth.