Drive. Determination. Dedication.  Do you have it?


Words cannot describe the impact that Nick has had on my life as a coach, as a mentor and as a friend. When we set up my race schedule, he was there every step of the way. Using Training Peaks has been a Godsend: I have never had an organized workout schedule. Before Nick, my training consisted of "whatever I feel like doing today". The hardest obstacle we had to overcome was my schedule, with it prone to changes because of exams and studying time. Nick has dedicated himself to creating training plan that works for me and is constantly checking in with me to make sure I am comfortable with what is being set in motion. With Nick, it is always a two-way street; he communicates with me about everything - progressions for workouts, educates me on the value of using a power meter, changes made to my weekly training schedule.  Nick has tested my limits in ways that I never fathomed possible. I came onto the triathlon scene a scared and inexperienced individual with a desire to become faster and stronger. Nick has brought me where I am today, placing first overall the first time ever. I have the utmost respect for him as a coach and consider it an even higher honor to be regarded as one of his athletes. -DH